Terms & Conditions

Postal rules and regulations help to ensure that postal items are safe and delivered timely. The general prohibitions of sending the goods are as follows:

1. It is forbidden to send antique objects, handwritten books, authentic artwork, and any kinds of coins and precious stones.

2. Guns and ammunition.

3. Gambling items and alcoholic beverages, drugs and psychotropic substances.

4. Any magazine, newspaper, symbol, sign, and any type of article contradicting the official religion of the country, public order or nationality or public chastity; hiding or embedding any goods from the point of view of smuggling customs officers; the perpetrators of smuggling are considered punishable.

5. According to clause 6 of Article 37 of the Customs Law, for the used home appliances and personal belongings of Iranian nationals residing abroad, whose period of stay abroad is one year or more; and also for the supplies of homes and objects used by foreign nationals entering Iran territory, customs duties and commercial profits are exempted, only if their mentioned items’ arrival at the customs be one up to three months prior to their own arrival.

6. In order to perform the clearance of some devices and supplies including radio receivers , telecommunication devices, musical instruments, books and publications, films and tapes, computer and its components, plant and plant seeds, etc. it is necessary to provide clearance confirmation from relevant ministries and organizations.

7. Sending of essential goods such as medicines (except authorized drug companies) and unauthorized food is forbidden.

8. Explosive, flammable, radioactive or other hazardous substances.

9. Items that deprive chastity or morality.

10. Animals' skin (fleece, hide, pelt, etc.).

11. Items that are not allowed to enter or operate in the destination country.

12. Objects that, in terms of the nature or packaging, create a hazard for post employees; cause dirt, breakdown of other items or postal equipment.

13. Evidence of financial and personal correspondence exchanged between persons other than the sender and the receiver, or persons with whom they live.

14. Post letters other than insurance letters shall not contain cash, securities such as checks, promissory notes, traveler's checks, bank checks and guarantees.

15. Sending musical domestic product instruments, not being part of the country's cultural heritage, is not required to be licensed by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance.

16. Dry or soluble inks, dry or liquid dyes containing ink.

17. Not sellable or buyable items according to Islamic rules.

18. Objects that their entry or propagation in the country is prohibited under domestic law.

19. Sending tapes, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs, and written works of non-professional and non-commercial books and presses by individuals and families outside the country is prohibited.

20. Any banknotes and bills are prohibited.

21. Sending a passport is prohibited.

22. Consigning any human or animal samples such as blood, skin, etc. is prohibited.